Nov 29th #714XaeranAdded helpfiles for Divine Spirit, Natural Spirit, Arcane Spirit, and Mystical Spirit.
Sep 1st #713DrahsinAdded mounted combat and mounted charge skils. Helpfiles to follow soon.
Aug 23rd #712DrahsinFixed crash bug related to pugiling an opponent who has a shield but no primary wield.
Dec 16th #711DrahsinAdept dragons are now mountable.
Oct 7th #710DrahsinAuras now castable in combat.
Oct 7th #709DrahsinAdded riding to the warrior tree, so knights can effectively use mounted combat
Oct 7th #708Drahsinincreased pugil damage while mounted
Sep 29th #707DrahsinGreatly increased duration of the slow spell. It was useless before since it only lasted a few seconds.
Sep 29th #706DrahsinSlightly decreased duration of the blind spell. It's very hard to cure and so can maybe last a little less long.
Sep 29th #705DrahsinHigh level mobs now have a small chance to grant an imm quest point on defeat to everyone in the group that defeated them. Chance is same as the change to drop an adept scroll.
Sep 29th #704DrahsinHigh levels now 50% more likely to drop an adept scroll. Should hopefully be a little easier to find needed scrolls.
Sep 29th #703DrahsinIncreased movement of the war horse. This is in preperation of more mounted combat skills coming for knights.
Sep 29th #702DrahsinAura of Agility now actually makes melee more accurate. Prior it had little to no effect.
Sep 29th #701DrahsinMindwhisper damage increased against mobs. Only slightly increased against players.
Jul 11th #700EnderMinor changes to roomattack (and areaattack for mobs), specifically around dead targets and no longer targeting anyone that cannot be seen.
Jul 11th #699EnderImbue and Ward Armor have changed so that they only show up from attempted melee attacks.
Jul 11th #698EnderBashing will no longer cause the victim (on a success) nor the basher (on a failure) to drop into the resting position. Failed bashes will lag for an extra 3 seconds.
May 12th #697EnderTiered spells' effects which hit will now apply prior to damage being dealt.
May 12th #696EnderNo-remove items can now be removed at any room with a healer in it. (Hometown healers or alliance healers.)
May 12th #695EnderThe entire backbone of the death system (for players and NPCs) has been rewritten. This should fix the rare crash bug caused by a mob's death mprog killing the initial killer (which happened frequently with current techniques to slay Gandalf). Apart from a lack of crashes and potential multiple-player-deaths from fights in the morgue, no combat mechanics should have noticeably changed.
May 12th #694EnderNGP timers will pause while a player is in the death state.
May 12th #693EnderPlayer corpses are no longer created on death. All items stay with the player, and those which were equipped stay equipped. Affects are still removed, with the exception of those granted via equipped items.
May 12th #692EnderUpon death, players will now enter a death-state for 30 to 60 seconds (depending on your level). In this state, they can only use informational and communication commands, and may not be targeted by any combat mechanics. When the death timer expires, the player will be fully restored.
May 12th #691EnderPlayers, like NPCs, will now die at 0 hp. Previously, players were only killed at -11 hp or lower. This change also removed related character positions (mortally wounded and incapacitated).
May 12th #690EnderNewbie packs will no longer contain bread nor a water jug, as neither hunger nor thirst exist anymore.
May 12th #689EnderFor clients which support blinking text, the "You sure are BLEEDING!" message will no longer blink.
Mar 7th #688EnderQuests will no longer be given for targets in the room "Depths of the Wraithworld (Tumunzahar)".
Mar 4th #687EnderTier 3 spells in spell chains (AoE) will now apply damage multipliers/boosts to all targets, not just the first. It will also roll new damage dice per target, instead of using the same base damage for each.
Mar 4th #686EnderAdded 'divine mastery' to the Druid slist.
Mar 3rd #685EnderMany mobs in Tumunzahar and Blue Mountains which previously casted 'divine wrath' have been adjusted.
Feb 26th #684EnderNerfed NPC parry/dodge/sidestep/deflect, as is was inadvertently buffed."
Feb 26th #683EnderThe divine cooldown has been lowered to approximately 10 minutes, after casting divine wrath, divine intervention, or divine word. This still inactivates the passive benefits of all divine skills and the ability to cast any divine spell, for the duration of the cooldown.
Feb 26th #682EnderDivine word has changed to cost the priest a 33% of their maximum hp, mana, and movement. In return, all group members regain 67% of their own maximum hp, mana, and movement. If this spell would drop the priest below 1 hp, it no longer kills the priest, and instead leaves them at 1 hp.
Feb 26th #681EnderAll spell chain base damage has received a boost of approximately 20%. (This is before damage modifiers, such as affinities and staff channeling come into play.)
Feb 26th #680EnderThe wizard skills 'channel staff' and 'enhanced channel' have been altered such that their bonuses are additive with other bonuses, as opposed to multiplicative. For the energy spell chain, this is a slight nerf, while it should have negligible effect on the other 11 spell chains.
Feb 26th #679EnderDivine affinity was added to priest. It is a passive skill which gives a damage buff to the 4 divine spell chains, so long as the priest has divine abilities active (not on cooldown), and the priest is of the proper alignment for the spell chain being cast (The light spell chain has no alignment restriction.) This skill does not give any resistances.
Feb 26th #678EnderNatural affinity was added to strider. It is a passive skill which gives a damage buff to the 3 nature spell chains, so long as the strider is not inside. This skill does not give any resistances.
Feb 26th #677EnderDivine mastery received a slight buff.
Feb 26th #676EnderMystical spirit and arcane spirit have been added to both the wizard and priests slists. Each provide a damage buff to all 12 spell chains.
Feb 26th #675EnderThe damage bonuses from divine spirit, elemental spirit, and natural spirit have been nerfed slightly. They also no longer affect the energy spell chain.
Feb 26th #674EnderThe 'delete' command now references the 'recreate' command, to assist anyone who is deleting in order to try a new class order.
Feb 26th #673EnderThe 'deflect' skill has replaced 'parry' in the warrior slist. Half of the efficiency of the old 'parry' has mitigated to the 'deflect' skill. An overlooked primary class bonus for rangers & warriors has been removed from 'parry' and worked into the skills' proficiencies (practice %s).
Feb 26th #672EnderThe 'sidestep' skill has replaced 'dodge' in the ranger slist. Half of the efficiency of the old 'dodge' has mitigated to the 'sidestep' skill. An overlooked primary class bonus for rangers & thieves has been removed from 'dodge' and worked into the skills' proficiencies (practice %s).
Feb 18th #671EnderFixed a bug with the practice command showing the stored skill/spell % instead of the acting cap by class order (when appropriate).
Feb 18th #670EnderDivine wrath from the priest slist now sets the priest's divine cooldown (shared by the other divine spells), and as such it cannot be used continuously. It has also changed to act as a 4th tier spell for three of the cleric spell chains (holy, negative, and mental). Which chain is used to determine damage depends on the alignment of the priest at the time. The spell mimics the appropriate tier 2 spell, but with much higher damage.
Feb 18th #669EnderAdded divine spirit and natural spirit to the priest and strider slists, respectively. They are identical to elemental spirit for wizards, but for their respective base classs spell chains. The energy spell chain gains a partial benefit from each of the 3 spirit skills.
Feb 18th #668EnderRearranged the levels of some spells and skills for mages, clerics and rangers.
Feb 18th #667EnderRemoved all mage and cleric damage spells which were not within a spell chain.
Feb 18th #666EnderAll tier 2 spells (in spell chains) have had a slight increase in damage, while the tier 3 (AoE) spells have had their damage decreased slightly to match that of the tier 2.
Feb 18th #665EnderThe shared energy spell chain now grows in effectiveness as the caster trains up the other 11 spell chains. The tier 1 spells boost the damage of the tier 1 energy spell, tier 2 spells boost the tier 2 spell, etc. Each mage spell has the potential to boost the respective energy spell twice as much as ranger or cleric spells.
Feb 18th #664EnderAll spell chains now share the same base damage, by tier. That is all tier 1 spells have the same base damage, regardless of their level in the slist. The only exception is the energy spell chain, which has a slightly lower base damage.
Feb 18th #663EnderMany new damage spells added, all part of spell chains. Clerics now have spell chains for mental, holy, negative and light damage, and rangers have them for water, wood and sound damage. The blast spell was also replaced with arcane clasp, while a new blast and a nova spell have been added, completing an energy chain which is also interweaved into each of the other 11 spell chains.
Feb 13th #662EnderStrength and dexterity modifiers to damroll and hitroll, respectively, have been doubled.
Feb 13th #661Ender'Adrenaline rush' affect has been removed from the hometown spellup list. (It added damroll.)
Feb 13th #660EnderBug fixed for adepts level 4+, which was attempting to further train their primary base class skills/spells.
Feb 13th #659EnderAfter recreating, any spells/skills that have practiced % higher than the new class order allows will have their % stored such that a future recreate could restore the old value.
Feb 12th #658EnderThe 'train reset' command is no longer free at level 70 (but is still free through level 69).
Feb 12th #657EnderThe recreate command is now free until leve 70 (exclusive).
Feb 12th #656EnderNames can now be a prefix of a mob name, so long as they are not an exact keyword match.
Feb 12th #655EnderDwarf base stats have been altered, with +1 int/wis and -1 con/str.
Jan 13th #654EnderNRP has been renamed to NGP (Non-Gameplay), along with who-list flags and message updates. Adept only areas are now shown on the who-list with an [AO] flag and are attached to the NGP area via an adept-only room. The ngp commands now operate on a 3 minute timer which is canceled via combat, and a 10 minute cooldown has been added after a successful NGP transfer. The Hall of Heroes (HoH) has been removed.
Jan 13th #653EnderThe Middle-earth pack with basic starter gear no longer holds gear from any low-level areas.
Nov 12th #652EnderSolo quest points now only apply to PK alliances; non-PK alliance members are rewarded similar to non-alliance members.
Sep 4th #651EnderAny character can now 'charm' creatures of a higher level than themself, the limit increasing exponentially with charm % from 2 to 15 levels above the caster.
Sep 4th #650EnderClosed doors now show in exits list after typing look, surrounded by parantheses.
Sep 4th #649EnderThe 'socials' command is now sorted for convenience.
Sep 4th #648EnderThe 'gain' command now works with any class abbreviation, instead of requiring exactly 3 letters.
Sep 4th #647EnderMinor changes to 'score' format.
Sep 4th #646EnderRemoved destructive elemental effects on objects (fire/cold/acid/shock).
Sep 4th #645EnderFixed a 'shield break' check, so that disarm will now be attempted for all successful pugils.
Sep 4th #644EnderThe 'summon' spell no longer works on creatures that are tied to an achievement or mprog.
Sep 4th #643EnderFixed 'sleep' spell from having garbage output.
Sep 4th #642EnderThirst/hunger elements have been removed. Characters may still eat, drink and get drunk for roleplay purposes.
Sep 4th #641EnderWhen appropriate to assemble two identical items, assembling a single item with itself no longer works.
Sep 4th #640EnderCarchost achievements have been added.
Sep 4th #639EnderAchievement system has gone live. See achievement command for syntax.
Sep 4th #638AetirionSafe has been altered so that it can no longer be used on mobs you are not in the room with
Mar 26th #637NoniFarshot and Alchemy skills have been removed from slist since they are currently disabled
Mar 26th #636NoniCause Discord is being temporarilty removed due to bugginess until it is fixed
Feb 19th #635SulandPaths of the Dead coordinates have been fixed (helpfile).
Feb 7th #634SulandFixed a bug that allowed beyond maximum hp/mana/moves from equipment manipulation.
Jan 23rd #633SulandMob corpses beyond level 150 will now save between character log out/in.
Jan 22nd #632SulandFixed a bug that prevented the grip skill from working or improving until level 101 for non-warriors.
Jan 7th #631SulandAdded a recreate cost multiplier option (similar to experience and quest reward multipliers).
Aug 7th #630SulandThe pve_boost flag will now add 10% of the base AC for armor items.
Aug 7th #629SulandThe pve_boost flag on a staff will now increase mage spell damage by 10% while the wearer is not PK active.
Aug 5th #628SulandFixed a bug that was freezing hp/mana/moves.
Aug 5th #627SulandTracked down an mprog issue, related to Tumunzahar's Brood Queen. Her damage mprogs should now trigger again, and mprogs should be more consistent in the area.
Aug 3rd #626SulandYou may notice very slight changes to your hitroll, damroll, saves or AC due to some changes regarding loading/saving player files. Please report anything that differs from earlier gameplay by more than 5 points (plus or minus).
Aug 3rd #625SulandThe PVE Boost item flag has been added to the IQP redeemable list. See 'help immquest' for more info.
Aug 3rd #624SulandRestores will no longer affect 'PK Active' players.
Aug 3rd #623SulandPlayers are now considered 'PK Active' whenever they have a PK target (player, summon, etc.) in their enemy list.
Jul 31st #622SulandCircle and pugil will now properly validate target before being executed.
Mar 5th #621SulandPlayers in NRP will now void out (and disconnect) like normal.
Mar 5th #620SulandCreatures with area_attack should be much more manageable now. They will simply target a random valid victim per hit, instead of attempting a hit against everyone in the room.
Feb 27th #619SulandExamine command now works for any class to see object stats. The lag of using it is dependent upon your knowledge (% trained) of the lore skill.
Feb 1st #618SulandThe forumregister command has been created so that Mordor players may register an account for the online forums. Refer to the forumregister helpfile for details.
Jan 31st #617SulandThe forums version (accessed via has been updated.
Jan 29th #616DrahsinAdded the inspect command. This can be used at shopkeepers to identify before you buy. The identify spell is not required to use this.
Jan 23rd #615SulandFixed a couple of items in differing hometowns.
Jan 23rd #614DrahsinAesthetic changes to the identify and lore abilities.
Jan 13th #613SulandIsawn and Noc can no longer be used outside of Tumunzahar.
Jan 13th #612SulandThe spell 'aura of healing' now hits an average of every 4 seconds instead of every 5.
Jan 13th #611SulandRampage skill % now plays a larger role in determining if a second bladefury is triggered.
Jan 13th #610SulandFixed a bug with pugils using improper damnouns on misses (no gameplay affect, but pugils will no longer appear to hit immunities when they don't).
Jan 12th #609DrahsinAdded damnoun to the identify spell when using it on weapons.
Oct 3rd #608SulandFixed a bug where healing mobs that targeted the entire room at once would actually heal almost every target in the entire world. (No known occurrences.)
Oct 3rd #607SulandFixed a bug with area-attack mobs that would target group members of their enemies when the target was in another room.
Oct 3rd #606SulandFixed a bug with assisting mobs that would target group members of a potential victim when the target was in another room.
Sep 28th #605SulandThe sleep spell duration has been modified so that lower levels will have it last longer, although the level modifier will have less of an affect (with the maximum duration much lower than it was before).
Aug 5th #604SulandGroup questing should be fixed so that everyone on the enemy list gets credit, regardless of the order in which they logged in.
Jun 23rd #603SulandAdded %E as a prompt option to display all enemies and their health percentages.
Jun 23rd #602SulandThe prompt options %b (enemy health bar), %B (enemy health percentage), and %t (tank health percentage) have been updated for accuracy and clarity.
Jun 23rd #601SulandColoring for the %G prompt option has changed (group members are now green).
Jun 23rd #600SulandSome aggresive mobs and mobprogs will now take their enemy lists into account. This means that fleeing and immediately walking back into the room does not make you safe from being attacked by all single-target mobprogs.
Jun 23rd #599SulandTypo fix for the 'holy word' spell.
Jun 23rd #598SulandSaving against the 'cause discord' spell is now assisted by resistance to mental instead of resistance to negative elements.
Jun 23rd #597SulandFleeing now incurs its minor experience loss for all classes with equal frequency. Additionally, sneaking away safely without losing experience is now easier for lower levels.
Jun 23rd #596SulandExperience is now split up amonst those on enemy lists, for in combat experience, death experience, and bonus experience from select higher level mobs. This change should be more-or-less transparent, assuming active participation in fighting the mob.
Jun 23rd #595SulandQuesting has been modified so that you receive credit if you are on the quest target's enemy list at time of death.
Jun 23rd #594SulandHealing or aiding someone via a spell while in the room with their enemies will add them as your own enemy. Alternatively, this will cause the spell to fail if any of your target's enemies are safe from you. If there are PK enemies of your target, then the same-room-check is ignored.
Jun 23rd #593SulandAdded the notion of an enemy list. Basic forms of aggressiveness will add you to the list. After 5 minutes of non-hostile actions, one can fade from an enemy list.
May 29th #592SulandThe aqdonate command has been modified so that it now requires you to specify either autoquest or immquest points to be donated each time.
May 19th #591SulandFixed the walk bug that would cause groups of followers (and their summons) to walk more than one room in a given direction, splitting up the group.
May 19th #590SulandFixed legacy code that prevented the 'search' skill and 'promote' command from working at lower levels.
May 15th #589SulandFixed a bug with rolldice.
May 14th #588SulandWild dogs and boars outside of the Trading Village have switched elemental vulnerabilities so that the lower level dogs now match the lowest level mage elemental spell, and the boar matches the second.
May 11th #587SulandIdentify (spell) has lowered in mana cost to better reflect the level it is reached.
May 1st #586SulandMobs that equip a binding item will no longer trigger the binding of the item.
Apr 26th #585SulandA new mage spell, blast, has been added to replace magic missile in the mage tree. This spell acts as a 'Tier 0' spell for all the mage elemental spells. Using higher tiered spells (both mage and cleric) will now have a chance to train lower tiered spells that are not yet maxed.
Apr 25th #584SulandFixed a bug with assassinate for assassins that were non-thieves and under level 101.
Apr 13th #583SulandSmall experience bonus added when a skill/spell is trained through use. The higher the trained percentage, the higher the bonus. (If you recreate and lose spell/skill percentages in skills, those will have to be made up before bonuses will apply again.)
Apr 13th #582SulandFixed a bug with area of effect spells having increased damage via invalid targets.
Feb 19th #581SulandChanged portals a bit so on failed uses, you won't drop them on the ground.
Feb 19th #580SulandAdded 'equipment', 'examine', and 'put' commands to the acceptable NRP command list.
Feb 18th #579SulandThe Hall of Heroes has moved to NRP, west of the entrance.
Feb 18th #578Suland4 new hometowns have been added and are spread around Middle-earth. You can move between them instantly with the fast-transport services at any level (such as Erivele in the Trading Village). Each also have a valid [Recall] spot which you can set as your recall destination.
Feb 17th #577SulandThe healing from 'dark pact' has increased.
Feb 17th #576SulandFixed a few aesthetic bugs within the affects list.
Feb 17th #575SulandItems will no longer bind to NPCs.
Feb 17th #574SulandMajor mob-prog bug fixed that affected multiple mobs. Some mobs may act differently than you are used to, but should now act as the builders intended them.
Aug 2nd #573SulandSmall boost to cleric offensive and healing spells. (More apparent at lower levels.)
Jul 12th #572SulandFailed bashes no longer have a 12 second lag time.
Jul 12th #571Suland(Jun15 - Accidentally Deleted) Bash is no longer affected by a level modifier, thus bashing mobs should be easier. A few other bash modifiers have also been fixed, such as haste on both the bashed and defender, defender AC, and dodge training. (Further tweaking will be done as necessary.)
Jul 12th #570SulandAll summoned mobs and minions should now have slightly higher HP than mobs of equal level, and damage that is on-par with normal mobs as well.
Jul 12th #569SulandFixed a bug with 'bone wall' so that it now hits the proper exit that it was intended for, as well as in the room beyond the exit.
Jul 12th #568SulandMirror_of_morgoth has been changed. It now depends on "detect magic" (yes, you read that correctly), as well as the target's saving throw (saves) and spell trained percentage. Level difference is also now a smaller factor (unless the difference is beyond 50 levels).
Jul 12th #567SulandPugil now has a chance to disarm the target. Disarm lag has been lowered to 3 seconds (pugil is still at 5), and disarm can now be used to start a fight.
Jul 12th #565SulandBash should be working much better than before. Bug fixed in regards to the dodge modifier, as well as a few other minor tweaks.
Jul 12th #564SulandCode support for multiple possible recall locations has been added, along with a "recall set" option while in designated recall rooms. (note read 10174)
Jul 12th #563SulandPoison damage rate has changed in principle. It now correctly goes up with each individual hit by a poisoned weapon.
Jun 15th #561SulandNecromantic calling has been changed to invoke minions that are 20 levels lower than the corpse, as opposed to 30 levels lower. (Mistake due to testing with an immortal character that also had "arcane conjuring".)
May 26th #560SulandShield slam is no longer based upon shield weight, but rather upon shield level.
May 26th #559SulandAdded combat attunement low in the thief tree, and battle rhythm even lower in the ranger tree. Each of these skills will apply a percentage increase to one's damroll, while in combat. The caps for each of the bonuses are based upon the trained percentages. While out of combat, the bonus will decrease.
May 26th #558SulandThe bonus that strength gave to hitroll is now applied via dexterity instead.
May 26th #557SulandBackstab and circle damage are now more proportional to skill %, and not based directly on class order. (This should help non-primary thieves.)
May 26th #556SulandWeight is no longer a modifier in circles or bashes.
May 26th #555SulandTypo fixed when a mob casts teleport at a player, but fails to teleport them.
May 26th #554SulandHarden now lasts 6 rounds instead of 4, and it can be used again before the prior use wears out, to reset the duration.
May 26th #553SulandBasic class combo skills are no longer as inefficient for non-primary users as they were before (such as a non-mage casting double).
May 26th #552SulandDisarm will now target a secondary weapon (when available) if the victim isn't wielding a primary weapon.
May 26th #551SulandEyeless mobs can no longer get blinded by their own blindness casts that are mirrored.
Apr 27th #550SulandBug fixed where spells that didn't exist on the target were being dispelled (or at least the message was given).
Apr 27th #549SulandFixed a bug where players could request groupquests while solo, under certain circumstances.
Apr 27th #548SulandAdded a 'recreate' command, so you can now recreate without immortal assistance. This cost is level based, and you can check how much it will be by type 'recreate' by itself. Beware: Typing it with your password as the argument is irreversible!
Apr 27th #547SulandAdded a 'note read last' option, which will re-read the last note you read. Note that this will not save when you log out.
Apr 27th #546SulandAdded some changes to mob-prog commands: specifically, expect to see coming changes for mobs that "call out" to other mobs.
Apr 27th #545SulandAdded 'saving grace' skill to priest tree. This skill creates a chance for healing spells to be doubled when the target of the heal is under 50% health.
Apr 27th #544SulandShields and effects given via equipment are now displayed in the affects list.
Apr 27th #543SulandThe affects command has been changed. The durations have been color coded and now show only the pertinent information. (Do a full spell up, and you'll notice it, as well as notice the differences as the time gets closer to running out.)
Apr 27th #542SulandFixed a bug where certain mobs with special functions to cast the old breath spells would deal extra damage (seemingly randomly).
Apr 27th #541SulandYou can no longer auction bound items.
Apr 27th #540SulandDispel magic has been vastly updated. It will only dispel buffing spells, and it can hit every buffing spell in the game. It will also work on mobs higher level than yourself, although it now requires a double saves break per spell that is dispelled. The spell is also based more upon spell % than it was before (worse for those with cleric lower in their order).
Apr 27th #539SulandCalldragon will now work when you have already summoned a mob (if your character order permits multiple followers).
Apr 27th #538SulandAll owned mobs (charmies, summons, pets, mounts) will now act the same. They will all follow you, gate with you, etc. None of them will save with you upon logging out. They can also be dismissed by number (2.tiger for example).
Apr 27th #537KulazarSpeechlog has been updated so that messages on most channels will stay in your speechlog after logoff/login. Tells, says, and grouptalk are the exceptions.
Mar 29th #536SulandA golden dragon fang from Pits of Angband has been updated.
Mar 29th #535SulandBarad Dur arrows from Elbboz have been made bind_on_acquire.
Mar 15th #534SulandPits of Angband orcs have been fixed to once again walk around.
Mar 11th #533SulandDivine touch will now heal the proper amount, approximately 50% of a heal spell per tick.
Mar 11th #532SulandItems that have been faded (from enchanting) will no longer lose ALL of their flags. Some flags will remain, as appropriate.
Mar 11th #531SulandBind_on_acquire and bind_on_use flags have been added to some equipment. Bound items cannot be picked up by other players (similar to other quest equipment.)
Feb 23rd #530SulandFixed a bug which caused group quests in adept areas to give different reward amounts to each group member.
Jan 6th #529SulandThe change sex spell now has a much shorter duration.
Dec 25th #528KulazarThe 'aqdonatelist' command will now show former clan members with the 'all' parameter, e.g. try doing 'aqdonatelist all'.
Dec 25th #527KulazarBerserk will now only cost 10% of your movement, instead of 50%.
Dec 25th #526KulazarFixed deflect arrows crash bug.
Dec 23rd #525SulandDeflect arrow can now be trained beyond 40%.
Dec 23rd #524SulandHardcore players that die will now be recorded. No command exists yet to display their name/level, but will be added in the future and any HC players that die from this point on will be added to the board once it is in.
Dec 23rd #523SulandMountain ranges are now passable, but take a long time to cross and require a lot of movement points (relative to other terrain).
Dec 23rd #522SulandAdded 'adrenaline rush' to the recall spellup for players under level 50.
Dec 23rd #521SulandFixed a bug which treated non-adepts as a level below their overall when determining PK ranges.
Dec 23rd #520SulandDying to an extraordinary quantity of mobs should no longer crash us.
Dec 23rd #519SulandFixed a typo in the aqdonatelist command.
Dec 23rd #518SulandItems that disappear while being auctioned should no longer crash us.
Dec 23rd #517SulandMobs that are imm/res/vuln to sound will now show it when considered.
Dec 23rd #516SulandResist/Vulnerable does not affect the bash command as much as before.
Dec 23rd #515SulandA counters command has been added to display/reset battle counter information (such as damage, healing, and experience in total or per second).
Dec 23rd #514SulandA rolldice command has been added.
Dec 23rd #513SulandMalediction mastery now affects blindness as well.
Dec 23rd #512SulandArrows will now affect imm/res/vuln properly based on their own material instead of being based on the bow material. Items should not get damaged without supporting RP (such as casting a spell causing the caster's dagger to get damaged).
Dec 23rd #511SulandWindlore, when successful, will show everyone visible in the area.
Dec 23rd #510SulandBash now affects blindness casting accuracy.
Dec 23rd #509SulandBlindness duration on mobs has been lowered to match the duration when cast on a player. Blindness learnt % now affects duration more heavily.
Dec 23rd #508SulandBlindness spell will no longer duplicate in the affect list. It will update itself, should the affect already exist.
Dec 23rd #507SulandA few new "quit quotes" have been added.
Dec 23rd #506SulandSolo qp will no longer be assigned to alliance members who are grouped with others outside of alliances.
Dec 23rd #505SulandRoom affect spells (thicket, taint ground, fog, etc.) should no longer crash us. Feel free to use these again.
Dec 23rd #504SulandWard armor and imbue should not randomly have insane damage boosts anymore.
Dec 23rd #503SulandImbue no longer works with the tier 3 (area attack) spells.
Dec 23rd #502SulandWard armor no longer works with the tier 3 (area attack) spells.
Dec 23rd #501SulandColor-code typo fixed for the good and evil channels.
Dec 23rd #500SulandYour players will now automatically save whenever they are bonused experience. (i.e. when killing the "bonus mobs" in Barad-Dur or Blue Mountains)
Dec 23rd #499SulandWhen a player dies, they will now see the final damage line that killed them.
Dec 17th #498SiwanAdded a new helpfile that can be accessed with help directions or help coordinates, showing coordinates to all areas on Mordor.
Nov 7th #497SulandRescuing will no longer work while stunned.
Nov 7th #496SulandArmor this is damaged will no longer have its AC values set instantly to 0. It will still go down slowly as the condition gets worse however. If you have currently "broken" items, they should auto-fix themselves if you repair them at a shop.
Nov 7th #495SulandHamstring duration has been increased, as well as cripple's duration boost.
Oct 27th #494Suland'Hardcore' command added. Anyone that has not earned any experience can enter hardcore mode. It gives you a nifty who flag, and if you die it auto-deletes you. More additions will come for hardcore in the future. Note: This is an irreversible command!
Oct 23rd #493SulandMade it so that AQP earned while a character is outside of an alliance cannot be donated to alliances. Any AQP earned in an alliance is available to be donated, even if the player decides to switch alliances. (Any AQP a non allianced character currently has will be 'grandfathered' in, meaning they can still donate that amount.)
Oct 23rd #492SulandGroup quest rewards in the adept only areas have been bumped up from a 1.5x multiplier to a 1.75x multiplier.
Oct 23rd #491SulandRaised the effectiveness of healing mastery.
Oct 20th #490SulandFixed adept dragons so that they do not allow a free 2nd charmie/summon.
Oct 20th #489SulandBash bug fixed where some mobs would be immune to bash when they shouldn't be.
Oct 20th #488SulandItems' affect lists should now display properly.
Oct 19th #487SulandSome mobs in Blue Mountains will only respawn once per reboot now.
Oct 19th #486SulandArcane conjuring no longer affects dragons.
Oct 12th #485SulandFixed the wear off messages for some room affect spells.
Oct 12th #484SulandFly and forcewall can now be recast before they run out. Forcewall still has a cooldown however.
Oct 12th #483SulandAdded a wear off message for hamstring, only for the person who was affected by it.
Oct 12th #482SulandImmune/resist/vuln bash will now affect the bash and stun skill appropriately.
Oct 12th #481SulandRecalling from combat will no longer zap you in the butt and cost 25% of your hit points.
Oct 12th #480SulandAffects lists have been redone to display real life time.
Oct 12th #479SulandYou can now pugil with 2 handed axes.
Oct 12th #478SulandShield break will now work as designed.
Oct 12th #477SulandFixed forcewall to not double charge mana.
Oct 3rd #476SulandIntelligence will now add bonus base damage to all mage damage spells, and Wisdom will do the same for cleric's healing and damage spells. This will percolate all the way up to the higher levels (adept) but on a very minor scale. It will mainly assist low level casters.
Oct 3rd #475SulandThe highdice game (see help highdice) has been changed so that ties are split (you get your bet back) so the odds are now fair.
Oct 3rd #474SulandEmpty drink containers will now properly display that they are empty.
Oct 3rd #473SulandFixed 2 potential crash bugs in regards to special cases concerning reply and mobprogs.
Oct 2nd #472SulandYou can now always 'get' an arrow from a bow, without the bug saying that the "bow is closed".
Oct 2nd #471SulandWear off message for 'aura' has been added.
Oct 2nd #470SulandThe light bug (which caused "infinite" burning lights to go out) is gone. If you have a light that should be "infinite" but is flickering, do not use it until you tell Suland, so he can fix it.
Oct 2nd #469JaggusAdept ability help files are in - please let Jaggus know if anything looks wrong.
Sep 30th #468SulandFor those that can have more than one charmie, order no longer matters in charming, and you can also just use multiple summons if you wish. (Still limited to a single dragon at a time though.)
Sep 30th #467Suland'morale boost' has replaced 'aura of courage' in the knight tree.
Sep 30th #466SulandSome spells have been moves up to adept spells that were previously mortal or remort spells. Also, hamstring has been added to the thief tree.
Sep 30th #465SulandAdept levels now count towards the PK cap. This means, in terms of PK ranges, a level 5 adept is treated as a level 155, and has a PK range of 145 to 160 (adept level 10). Use 'whois ' to see their adept level.
Sep 30th #464SulandSauron's healing mprog has been changed, so that Necromancers cannot solo him.
Sep 30th #463SulandAdept spells/skills have been added! Check 'slist ' for ability names. To practice them, you need to get adept scrolls from high level mobiles and then practice at the Trading Village local trainer. (Level 7 gets 1 ability, 9 gets a 2nd, and 10 gets all of them.)
Sep 30th #462SulandThe saves system has been revamped, again, and is now working correctly with regards to mana pools. (More mana means you will break saves more often.)
May 31st #461KulazarRemoved the "zap" penalty for fleeing.
May 31st #460KulazarFlee should now work more effectively.
May 31st #459KulazarWimpy now will only attempt a flee when you have a 0 lag timer.
May 31st #458KulazarThe color of the damage number when someone damages themselves has been fixed.
May 31st #457KulazarThe 'findwater' skill has been improved to display better messages.
May 31st #456KulazarFixed a bug where players could accidentally attack their summons in arena when they had roomattack on.
May 31st #455KulazarDivine intervention now restores movement as well as HP and Mana.
May 31st #454KulazarChaos mode will no longer affect PK records.
May 31st #453KulazarThe 'who ' command should no longer display NR no matter what.
May 31st #452KulazarPoison messages that occur in battle rounds will now be gagged if verbose weaponflags is off.
May 31st #451KulazarArrow damage has been tweaked slightly.
May 31st #449KulazarYour groupquest timer should be the same amongst all group members.
May 31st #448KulazarBash's daze state effect duration has been randomized slightly.
May 31st #447SulandThe Arkenstone has been altered.
May 31st #446SulandThe flee command should now work a bit more consistently. Wimpy WILL NO LONGER WORK if you are under skill/spell lag.
May 31st #445SulandThe quest master should no longer give 2 minute warnings constantly. (Should only happen when there are no legitimate targets.)
May 31st #444SulandChanged sanctuary to be less punishing to those with cleric lower in their class order.
May 12th #443SulandThe new website has gone live!
Apr 7th #442SulandAll the Barad-Dur mobiles that bonus extra experience upon death will do so even when blind.
Apr 5th #441SulandA few of the items related to the wild animals outside of the Trading Village have new affects.
Mar 14th #440KulazarTweaked the colors in the 'members' command.
Mar 14th #439KulazarThe 'aqdonatelist' command is now available to all members in an alliance. See help aqdonatelist for more info.
Mar 9th #438SulandSome Carchost items have been redone.
Mar 9th #437Suland"Restore mana" amounts have been altered (slightly).
Mar 9th #436SulandFixed a bug that cause group sizes to be misread (one of the two quest bugs).
Mar 5th #435SulandBug fix with rotting items.
Mar 4th #434KulazarIf you leave a clan and rejoin it at a later date, your original contributions and stats will be remembered when you rejoin.
Mar 4th #433SulandThe train command has been expanded so that you may now reset your attribute stats. Check 'help train' for more info.
Mar 4th #432SulandThe wait time to enter/exit NRP has been lowered to 1 minute.
Mar 4th #431SulandThe rescue skill has dropped in level.
Mar 4th #430SulandPlayers will now receive different amounts of gold for completing a quest based on the quest type.
Mar 4th #429KulazarFixed the verbose blind bug.
Mar 4th #428SulandThe whisper command has been added. It is the exact same thing as the tell command.
Mar 4th #427SulandTypos fixed in various places.
Mar 4th #426SulandFixed a bug during a player's recreate, so that a 'blank' race choice will no longer default to Avari.
Mar 4th #425SulandList/Value/Buy/Sell commands have all changed to support multiple shopkeepers in a single room.
Mar 4th #424KulazarAdded some color and additional info the aqdonatelist command.
Mar 4th #423KulazarRevamped the 'members' command to display more information.
Mar 4th #422SulandPlayers will now autosave after each quest is complete and after each mob kill.
Mar 4th #421Sulandrot_death items will now disappear as soon as the mobile carrying them dies. They will no longer disappear 5-10 minutes later.
Mar 4th #420SulandPlayer corpses will no longer rot.
Mar 4th #419SulandThe HP/Mana/Moves system has been revamped. This includes how much stats affect them, equipment, spells, etc. Mana also now acts as an offensive counter to saves (magic defense). Hitroll/Damroll/Sharp/Vorpal have also been adjusted to keep this change in some form of balance.
Jan 5th #418SulandWhen 'gaping wounds' is reflected via 'mirror of morgoth', the damage will be based on the caster's health instead of the victims.
Jan 5th #417SulandThe fire command will now search for the first non-empty quiver being worn, incase the archer is wearing multiple quivers in different locations and one happens to be empty.
Jan 5th #416SulandChanged the cold effect from blizzard and iceshard has been standardized. The duration of all effects have been altered for higher levels.
Jan 5th #415Suland26 New Damnouns have been added.
Jan 3rd #414SulandNew races are in, darkelf is gone. Race size no longer matters in combat.
Jan 3rd #413SulandHighdice has been fixed so that you do not end up with negative gold after playing.
Nov 28th #412SulandThe new damage system had some unexpected affects on DoTs, but they should be back to normal now.
Nov 28th #411SulandSome typos have been fixed with identify and examine.
Nov 28th #410SulandYou can no longer rescue while entangled.
Nov 28th #409SulandTo get credit for a group quest, you now have to deal some damage to it. It doesn't matter if you target it or not, as long as you damage it at some point before it dies.
Nov 28th #408KulazarCounter messages have been updated to be more cohesive with verbose and the recent changes to counter.
Nov 28th #407KulazarReduced the chance for landing a counterattack after the original attack has been avoided.
Nov 28th #406KulazarAdded the 'melee' command. Turning melee off will prevent you from landing any melee hits. However - dodge, parry, etc will still work.
Nov 20th #405SulandSome of the debuff skills have moved from mage to cleric. Most of them have changed in duration, magnitude of affect, and cast lag time (including the ones left in the mage slist).
Nov 19th #404KulazarChanged the counter skill so that counterattacks no longer deal a guaranteed % of damage, and instead give you a simple chance to do a melee hit. Note that this means dodge, parry, and other defenses can stop a counterattack. You can even counter a counterattack.
Nov 19th #403SulandMergbal the scum has been added to the Trading Village. He is an avid 'highdice' player. Type 'help highdice' for more information.
Nov 19th #402SulandFixed some bugs with the 'aura' spell for priests.
Nov 19th #401SulandCertain skills that could be trained quickly by using a bow (when the skill effect no longer applied) have been fixed.
Nov 19th #400SulandThe tiered modifiers in cleric cause/cure spells will no longer be affected by bash/trip/lash.
Nov 19th #399SulandDamage modifiers no longer multiply on top of each other. They now add to a multiplier value that modifies damage after all of the modifiers are accounted for. All in all, damage values changed. Certain combinations were affected more heavily than others. Certain skills/spells are now stronger/weaker as well.
Oct 12th #398SulandFixed the slist bug where 'slist w' would go to knight.
Oct 9th #397SulandFixed the bug regarding stunned targets 'randomly' losing their stun affect.
Oct 9th #396SulandFixed the bug with bladefury, in which when a mob died from a hit, the bladefury failed to attempt hits on the rest of the valid targets.
Oct 9th #395SulandFixed the bug in 'gaping wounds' that cause damage to drop near 0 when it should be at its highest values.
Oct 8th #394SulandClerics have a brand new spell: gaping wounds! This may or may not go through future changes. Try using it when the target is at low health.
Oct 8th #393KulazarNewbies will automatically receive the middle-earth pack upon character creation.
Oct 8th #392KulazarRedid the 'verbose' command. If you leave all of the verboses off, the vast majority of battle spam is concatenated or gaagged. Type 'verbose' for more details.
Sep 29th #391SulandThe sleep spell no longer puts the target into combat with you after a successful cast.
Sep 29th #390SulandYou should no longer be able to fight yourself.
Sep 29th #389SulandMindwhisper now has a lower base damage, but it is also more gradual in variability. It also is no longer affected by sanctuary.
Sep 29th #388SulandMore typo fixes.
Sep 29th #387SulandFixed some bugs in terms of quest pieces and find quest items being saved on players when they log off and back on.
Sep 29th #386SulandFixed a bug with 'cure mute' so that it properly removes the 'silence' affect.
Sep 28th #385DorminAdded movement cost to bash, circle and doublecircle. Pay extra attention to your movement points!
Sep 22nd #383DorminReply, RP and tell will no longer work in arena.
Sep 22nd #382DorminBlindness spell can now be cast on victim even if he/she is weapon blind or gouged or blinded by dirt.
Sep 22nd #381SulandNRP zone now auto-sheaths when you enter, and there a few more commands you can use in the NRP zone now.
Sep 22nd #380SulandFixed a bug regarding floating discs so that you no longer lose all the objects in them when it disappears while in your inventory.
Sep 22nd #379SulandEnvenom now uses that classic parsing you'd expect from other spells/skills. This means you can use more than one word to target the weapon, using quotes: envenom 'spies thin dagger'.
Sep 22nd #378SulandFixed a bug in search that allowed it to 'double-train'.
Sep 22nd #377SulandA lot of spells the previously would not put you into battle (while someone else was already tanking) will now put you into battle.
Sep 22nd #376SulandMany more typos fixed.
Sep 10th #375SulandMany of the reported typos have been fixed.
Sep 9th #374SulandFixed a bug in the 'mana' skill. It will no longer attempt to display mana usage for skills.
Sep 9th #373SulandCharacter creation process has been updated. Tables are now clearer, and you aren't forced to use abbreviations anymore. (Similar to slist change.)
Sep 9th #372SulandSlist command has changed so that you no longer need to use a 3 letter abbreviation for a class. i.e. To see a mage list of spells/skills, you can type slist , where is m, ma, mag, or mage.
Sep 9th #370SulandForcewall bug fixed, so it no longer displays when it absorbs 0 damage from missed hits.
Sep 9th #369SulandChanged mana costs, levels, and effectiveness of cause spells and harm. They are now more "on par" with cures and heals.
Sep 9th #368DorminFixed a major crash bug involving mirror/mprog death (this time for real!) and some other functions it may have been affected from.
Sep 9th #367DorminFixed whois bug where it shows null information in whois on a char that doesnt exist.
Sep 8th #366DorminFixed the mirror/mprog crash bug. Let us know if you find anymore crash bugs!
Sep 8th #365DorminYou can now use whois command on immortals when they are offline.
Sep 8th #364SulandFixed a typo in divine touch.
Sep 4th #363DorminFixed credits command, it should now display credits properly.
Sep 4th #362DorminNotran command is now notransport
Sep 4th #361DorminSystem time should be more accurate now.
Sep 4th #360Suland'speechlog' command now works in the NRP area
Sep 4th #359SulandTypos and formatting regarding hand-to-hand combat have been fixed.
Sep 4th #358SulandMissed skills and melee hits will now show again, as intended.
Sep 4th #357SulandThe 'cause' spells, and harm, are now based upon lower tiers, as the cures/heals are. Having a poor ability in 'cause light' will make your harm skill deal less damage.
Sep 4th #356SulandCures and heals have been changed, drastically. Now a level 1 cleric with 40% 'cure light' will heal significantly more than 0 hp. Adept level heals have been increased slightly, and the mana costs for all cures and heals have changed as well.
Sep 4th #355SulandDeath messages from PKills should now display the correct room from poison/DoT deaths.
Aug 27th #354SulandThe 'gods' have changed. Iluvatar is now neutral, Manwe is good, and Melkor is evil. (You will witness this while sacrificing equipment, etc.)
Aug 26th #353DorminSeveral changes made to the help code to improve performance, most changes are behind-in-the-scene (and immortal related)
Aug 26th #352DorminHelp command now only list the keywords of the helpfiles you are searching for instead of displaying them all. The help search command remains intact, though.
Aug 19th #351SulandBug Fix: No more mis-recalling when mounted and in another group.
Aug 10th #350SulandThe enchant command bug should no longer be present. See Amcilga in the Trading Village to use it. (This is much better for lower leveled players.)
Aug 10th #349SulandThe who list has been changed so Adepts are now part of the regular who list again.
Aug 10th #348SulandBladefury has been added to the ranger tree. It "does more" with two weapons, but can just as easily be used with one.
Aug 10th #347SulandDexterity now plays a larger role in parry and dual_parry.
Aug 10th #346SulandDance of blades now has an additional modifier when using two weapons. (For the result to be positive for you, I suggest using weapons that are well-balanced.)
Aug 10th #345SulandModified battle trance so that it no longer receives a dance-of-blades boost.
Aug 10th #344SulandWarriors no longer have a dual-parry bonus for being a warrior. (They still have the standard parry bonus.)
Aug 10th #343SulandPugil will only work with 2 handed weapons now. Pugil also received a slight damage increase if done with a polearm.
Aug 10th #342SulandStrider's using a spear will have a chance at doing slightly more damage with penetration.
Aug 10th #341SulandStrider's using a spear will parry better than before with 'spear fluidity'.
Aug 7th #340KulazarDamage messages will no longer be displayed if the damage is 0.
Jul 26th #339SulandQuest quiver has been added.
Jul 26th #338SulandArrow costs have changed.
Jul 26th #337SulandAdded a dual-wield modifier to dual-parry.
Jul 26th #336SulandPoint rewards have been adjusted for adept group quests, as well as bugs fixed for non-adept questing.
Jul 2nd #335SulandDoubleshot and tripleshot can no longer improve by firing with an empty quiver.
Jul 2nd #334SulandShield slam will no long improve when not using a shield.
Jul 2nd #333SulandThe hiking skill can now improve.
Jul 2nd #332SulandFixed a bug so that weapon flags will hit when roomattack is on.
Jul 2nd #331SulandThe mana costs on magic missle and cleric damage spells have been altered.
Jul 2nd #330SulandThe adept areas and respective code have been added.
Jun 30th #329KulazarThe Autoreject and Roomattack issues have been fixed - you may resume using them as before.
Jun 24th #328KulazarFixed some exploits with whirlwind, circle, and smite.
Jun 24th #327KulazarThe 'autoreject' and 'roomattack' config flags should now be saved in between logins.
Jun 24th #326KulazarLash now depends more on skill %, and is a little bit harder to train.
Jun 24th #325KulazarAny Imm who types 'iquest on' will show up in green to help differentiate between other people spamming the Qgossip channel and the Immortal running the Immquest.
Jun 24th #324SulandAlignment will no longer be easily changeable on lower level mobiles (compared to your own level).
Jun 22nd #323SulandAmcilga has ventured into the Market Square of the Trading Village. You can enchant weapons or armor, for a cost, by typing {Genchant {x. She only enchants lower level items well, and they can still fade or blow-up, just as regular enchanting does. The cost per enchant is based on the item's level, and whether it is a weapon or piece of armor.
Jun 12th #322SulandAdded a roomattack feature that allows your melee during round-combat to target a random target instead of just a single one.
Jun 12th #321SulandAdded trip to the thief tree. Lowered backstab, circle, and farsight levels.
Jun 12th #320SulandNew priest and wizard spells are now non-empowerable.
Jun 12th #319SulandThe overall level system is now much more gradual, especially at lower levels.
Jun 12th #318DorminGroup exp has been altered. Each member added to the group results in a decrease in amount of experience received in combat.
Jun 8th #317SulandSome mobiles with fast re-spawn rates have been added outside of the Trading Village. Lower level players, they will sometimes drop items worth a couple gold coins. You can trade them in at the new mobile in the Trading Village.
Jun 4th #316SulandLow level spellups now include aid and farsight.
Jun 3rd #315KulazarIt is no longer possible to exploit the 'rescue' skill to fight players and mobs you shouldn't be fighting, such as clanmates and players out of PK range.
Jun 3rd #314SulandLow-Level Auto Spellups no longer include frenzy, due to the AC penalty.
Jun 3rd #313SulandThe amount of damage absorbed by forcewalls has doubled.
Jun 3rd #312SulandBerserk now gives the same bonus as frenzy. Frenzy now has the same AC penalty as berserk. If you frenzy someone that is of a different alignment than you, the frenzy will be modified (proportionally) instead of being just 'hit or miss'.
Jun 3rd #311SulandThe new DoT spells now have wear-off messages.
Jun 3rd #310SulandEnergy drain no longer works on targets at 1hp. It also can no longer bring you above your maximum hp/mana/moves.
May 31st #309DorminFixed remort combo skills so they now go up in % on use. (Rev: 815)
May 31st #308DorminReplaced cleric spell 'holy word' with 'divine word' and put it under Priest spell tree. It is a group DI in theory, but at half efficiency and it grants each person holy armor/aid/frenzy/bless also. Divine word will drain the caster's health, watch your health when you cast it . . . (Rev: 814)
May 31st #307DorminReplaced wrath of Morgoth/Iluvatar with divine wrath; divine wrath spell is castable in combat; damage type is similar to divine fury. (Rev: 814)
May 22nd #306KulazarPoison durations are now capped at about 24 seconds.
May 22nd #305KulazarBeing dazed no longer affects breath damage, circle damage, and poison damage. As always, you will lose concentration or miss circles when dazed.
May 21st #304SulandEntangle lag has been reduced to 5 seconds.
May 21st #303SulandEnsnare spell added to strider level 99.
May 21st #302SulandPrevious archery nerfs have been reversed. (Some, not all.)
May 21st #301SulandNew damage-over-time spells have been added. (mindwhisper,energy drain,divine fury)
May 21st #300SulandElemental affinities are now lower levels in the wizard tree.
May 11th #299DorminFor slower connections, when you are receiving too much output your connection can handle the mud will disconnect you. This is done to prevent mud from crashing. (Rev: 799)
May 9th #298KulazarAdept dragons will do slightly less melee damage.
May 9th #297KulazarTeleport will no longer cause erratic behavior with charmies, summons, and adept dragons. Dragons and mounted summons will follow you when you are teleported.
May 9th #296KulazarYou should be able to see auction messages while sleeping.
May 9th #295KulazarMage spell damage should no longer decrease while dazed. Fixes for other skills are still in the works.
Apr 29th #294KulazarGuard members will no longer be able to [accidentally] participate in PK, unless chaos mode is enabled.
Apr 28th #293SulandLashing no longer works while stunned.
Apr 21st #292KulazarThe blind spell effect will last for only two minutes on players.
Apr 21st #291SulandThe experience-loss-cap when dying has been redone. It is now 15 billion experience for everyone, adepts included. There will be no reimbursements for previous deaths.
Apr 21st #290SulandFixed the bug that broke alliance donations. Do NOT donate to your alliance until you get a note from Kulazar or Suland.
Apr 21st #289Suland%G has been added as a prompt option. It will show all the players in your group that are in the same room, and their HP %. Color-coded.
Apr 9th #288SulandLash now works against flying targets, but with a much lower accuracy (but not 0). If the target is entangled, lash has an increased chance of working. The base chance of lash is now more dependent on ranger in your class order. The damage was also raised, and a small daze state has been added to it so that it can be useful against mobiles.
Apr 9th #287SulandCircle damage is now independent of enhanced damage. The circle cap was also removed and the damage is more variable now. It will still be close to the previous damage, on average, in terms of the old circle cap.
Apr 9th #286SulandAdept level 4 and 8 only give 4% bonus to skills and spells instead of the previous 5%.
Apr 9th #285KulazarSuland has changed enhanced damage so that having a better skill % makes a difference. Just being a primary warrior will not give you the full bonus anymore.
Apr 9th #284KulazarSkill training was again made a little more difficult since each % doesn't make as big of a difference anymore.
Apr 9th #283KulazarHaving a lower skill percent in any of the damage/healing skills/spells will not have as big a penalty as it did before.
Apr 9th #282KulazarPlayers who are not primary mages or thieves will notice an increase in damage when using those particular damage spells/skills. Non-primary clerics should also notice a boost in healing ability.
Apr 9th #281KulazarStun will raise in skill % upon failure now.
Apr 9th #280KulazarThieves and mages will no longer ridiculously small amounts of damage when they are bashed, but there will still be some reduced damage.
Apr 9th #279KulazarIntelligence will play a slightly larger role in raising skill percentages.
Apr 1st #278SulandThe quest master will no longer give so many "2 minute waits" once so many of the Barad-Dur named mobiles have been killed. (The mobs that don't repop, to be specific.) This is a bug fix, not a feature change.
Mar 31st #277KulazarMade skill training more dependant on good intelligence.
Mar 31st #276KulazarMade skill training harder.
Mar 28th #275SulandMass healing is now castable in battle. It will only hit your group members, unless you speficy 'room' as a target.
Mar 28th #274SulandThe cure spells have been moved around within the cleric and ranger trees. Rangers now have 'cure critical'.
Mar 28th #273SulandHeal and divine touch have an overall bonus of 10%.
Mar 28th #272SulandCleric spells are now tier based. Higher level spells are modified by your abilities with the lower leveled heal spells. This includes divine touch as well.
Mar 26th #271SulandTier 2 mage spells now include the corresponding cold/fire/shock/acid effects.
Mar 25th #270SulandA few new things, touchups, and bug fixes have been brought to the tower of Barad-Dur.
Mar 22nd #269SulandThe trading village healers will cast restore mana along with heal and refresh now.
Mar 22nd #268SulandHealing at the trading village healers has been extended to level 75.
Mar 22nd #267SulandNewbie spell ups have been extended to level 75.
Mar 20th #266SulandYou will no longer be penalized for hunting mobiles greater than 20 levels above your own. Instead, the modifier is as if it was 20 above your own, so you do not get extra either.
Mar 20th #265Suland'critical strike' will no longer require 100% in your wielded weapon to work. If it hits while you are using a weapon that is at 70%, you will only get 70% of the critical strike bonus you would have received, etc.
Mar 19th #264Suland'envenom' now has a lag time of 4 (from 9)
Mar 19th #263Suland'shocking blade' now has a lag time of 3 (from 2) to match the other blade spells
Mar 19th #262SulandTraining 2nd/3rd/4th/5th attacks, dagger efficiency/proficiency/expertise, dual discipline and ambidexterity are now all equivalent.
Mar 19th #261SulandWindlore will now go up in % with use.
Mar 18th #260SulandClerics now have daggers at level 3 in their slist tree.
Mar 18th #259SulandMages no longer have daggers in their slist tree.
Mar 17th #258SulandSearch lag time has been dropped from 8 seconds down to 3 seconds (success) or 1 second (failure).
Mar 17th #257SulandWindlore lag time has been dropped to 5 seconds (from the previous 9).
Mar 17th #256SulandQuickdraw's efficiency has been brought back up to its initial amount. (With other classes dealing as much damage as they can now, I have taken out one of the archery nerfs.)
Mar 17th #255SulandSanctuary damage reduction is now completely % based. Assuming you have sanctuary at the maximum % your class order can train it to, primary clerics and 3rd class clerics will not notice any difference. 2nd class clerics will be better by about 1% damage, 4th clerics will be worse by about 2-3%, and 5th class clerics will be worse by about 5%.
Mar 17th #254Suland2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th attacks are now independent. When 2nd attack fails, 3rd through 5th don't auto-fail anymore. (And similarly for 3rd failing causing 4th/5th to auto-fail, etc.)
Mar 17th #253SulandAdepts will now get double the reward for groupquests (not solo quests, though).
Mar 17th #252SulandA new global modifier has been added specifically to affect groupquests.
Mar 17th #251SulandThe global autoquest rewards modifier will no longer affect groupquests.
Mar 16th #250Suland3rd tier spells are now directly affected to their corresponding 2nd and 1st tier spell percentages, just as 2nd tier spells are currently affected by their 1st tier percentages.
Mar 16th #249SulandMages no longer have chain lightning. (It is mobile only now.)
Mar 16th #248KulazarMade repop messages add to speechlogs.
Mar 14th #247KulazarChanged the saves system so that you will need 50% more saves to get the same affect as before.
Mar 14th #246KulazarMade skill training even easier in accordance with the last two changes.
Mar 14th #245KulazarHigh level adepts will notice a bigger boost in damage from skills in their non-primary classes as the skill %'s go up.
Mar 14th #244KulazarImproving your skill percent in damage skills is more rewarding as you get into higher skill percentages.
Mar 14th #243KulazarMade skill training easier for you puny mortals.
Mar 3rd #242KulazarRedid the cure poison skill so it actually will cure the poison now. Even if that fails, you will have a chance of reducing the duration and/or damage of the poison.
Mar 3rd #241KulazarFixed another bug with poison. Assassins should be able to gradually rack up a lot of damage with poison once again.
Mar 2nd #240KulazarCure poison lag is now the standard 3 seconds instead of 7.
Mar 2nd #239KulazarI fixed a bug with poison that prevented it from reaching full damage. Assassins should be pleased.
Mar 1st #238KulazarChangelist will look nicer now to take into account the fact that certain imms have longer names than others.
Mar 1st #237KulazarGem pouches can be put into bags.
Mar 1st #236KulazarNo matter your level, you will be able to keep items that are up to level 150 when you log off. Note: DO NOT try this before an immortal confirms this change has been copied over, or else you may lose your item!
Feb 28th #235KulazarThe slist command will now show your skill percentages alongside the skills.
Feb 24th #234Sulanddoublecircle and assassinate now improve through use as intended.
Feb 24th #233KulazarMade assassinate raise in skill % a little bit more often, since its only successfully used once per mob.
Feb 20th #232SulandRecreates are in. Quest stats are no longer purchased individually. The train command should be used after Attribute Stats are purchased with AQP.
Feb 15th #231KulazarAdded search capabilities to speech log.
Feb 14th #230KulazarAdded a command for Immortals.
Feb 14th #229KulazarEnflame, Lightning Storm, Blizzard, and Earthquake will no longer increase in skill % if they are used outside of combat. They should still work properly otherwise.
Feb 14th #228KulazarBerserk will be more lowbie friendly now.
Feb 7th #227SulandThe first tier of mage elemental spells has had their levels lowered.
Feb 7th #226SulandDamage boosts to mage spells were modified slightly. Certain ones raised, certain ones lowered. For adepts, it is about the same. Staff boosts are now based off of the staff level instead of the caster level.
Feb 4th #225SulandElemental spirit bug fixed. It should now train properly.
Feb 4th #224KulazarTo reflect the HP change, a full assassinate in PK will do 60% of the victim's HP in damage, instead of 90%, before sanctuary and other modifiers are taken into account.
Feb 3rd #223KulazarDoubled everyone's HP.
Feb 1st #222SulandMeditation now boosts mage spell damage in addition to its previous affect.
Feb 1st #221SulandWrath of morgoth and awaken dead have been moved to priest. Call lightning has been removed.
Feb 1st #220SulandBreaths have been removed from the mage slist. There are now 3 tiers of acid/fire/shock/frost spells. The third tier is all area attacks. Tier 2 damage is affected by tier 1 proficiency. Wizard now has elemental affinities, staff damage boosts, and elemental spirit.
Jan 31st #219SulandThe lag on the target command has been raised to 5 seconds.
Jan 30th #218SulandElbboz's items no longer disappear on death.
Jan 30th #217KulazarYou will no longer be able to raise whirlwind's skill percentage if you are not in combat, but the skill will still work.
Jan 30th #216KulazarSecond, Third, Fourth, and Fifth attack should increase in % more often.
Jan 30th #215KulazarRemoved an exploit with some of the dragon summons.
Jan 30th #214KulazarPractice costs should work properly again.
Jan 26th #213Sulanddual_wield % will now raise as intended (prior to level 100 included)
Jan 25th #212KulazarYou can only practice a skill to 40% now, but skills will increase in % a lot faster.
Jan 24th #211SulandThe roar skill has been added to knight level 25.
Jan 24th #210SulandThe target command has been added.
Jan 13th #209SulandThe whirlwind command/skill has been added to knight level 97.
Dec 10th #208SulandDual_parry, dual_discipline, and ambidexterity have been added for Striders. (In the same spots as the 3 skills that were recently removed from Strider.)
Dec 10th #207SulandWeapon type (for both the attacker and defender) are to be taken into account in terms of "parry".
Dec 10th #206Suland4th attack, 5th attack, and phase have been removed from Striders.
Nov 15th #205KulazarAdded the "autoreject" auto option, which allows people to reject items from players on PK days.
Nov 7th #204KulazarFixed some bugs that caused your wimpy to trigger when poisoned.
Nov 6th #203KulazarMade it so certain defensive spells can be recasted without them expiring, including fireproof, detects, sanctuary, and others.
Nov 5th #202SulandAdded Whip/Mace/Flail Masteries.
Nov 5th #201SulandDagger Efficiency/Proficiency/Expertise have been added for assassins.
Nov 3rd #200SulandSome weapon mastery skills (passive) have been added to the remort lists, as of a couple days ago.
Nov 2nd #199FleetThe costs of some item for "sale" in Barad-dur has changed. These prices now better reflect the difficulty and potential rewards available.
Oct 27th #198DorminBoot command will now set noclan timer for 2 weeks per se leaders meeting's resolution.
Oct 17th #197TexCombo Skills have been added. See help combo skills and the help files for each skill.
Oct 12th #196KulazarChanged berserk fail lag to one round.
Oct 12th #195KulazarIncreased max speech log to 250 lines.
Oct 12th #194KulazarCalldragon will work properly if you log off/log on.
Oct 11th #193Tex{CGu{ca{Crd{ci{Cans {wof {CM{co{Cr{cd{Co{cr{x can now enter the Newbie School.
Oct 10th #192KulazarSpeechlog will now show if the recipient of a tell is afk/disconnected/autostore.
Oct 10th #191KulazarAdded the sheath command which will remove all primary and secondary weapons, held item, and shield, if applicable.
Oct 10th #190KulazarAdded the calldragon skill for adepts.
Oct 6th #189Suland'Divine Touch' is no longer empowerable. If you have any empowered 'divine touch' items already, destroy them.
Oct 6th #188SulandQuickdraw will no longer work with 100% efficiency rate if you have it practiced to 100%. Having the skill at 100% will still provide the best chance of it working, however.
Oct 6th #187SulandPrecision shot damage was raised for non-rangers, slightly.
Oct 6th #186SulandDodge efficiency has been reduced for those wielding a bow at the time.
Oct 6th #185SulandMobiles with counter/mirror/critical-strike/etc. will not be as effective at those as they were previously. (This should definitely be considered a hint to upcoming "events".)
Sep 25th #184SulandDivine Touch is now somewhat based on where cleric is in your order.
Sep 25th #183SulandA few known typos (regarding spells and immortal commands) have been fixed.
Sep 24th #182SulandKicks will work while mounted.
Sep 24th #181SulandCircle now works even if the target is below 1% in health.
Sep 24th #180SulandCircle, kick, and pugil can start combat.
Sep 24th #179SulandGouge and Dirt Kick will now last for a longer duration.
Sep 24th #178SulandFor remort damage spells, your remort order no longer matters in determining damage amounts. Maximum damage for wrath-of-morgoth has been lowered (very slightly) and minimum damage for wrath-of-iluvatar has been raised slightly. They should now deal the same damage as one another.
Sep 24th #177SulandDivine Intervention has been raised in level. Divine Touch has been added to Priest at level 47 (close to the previous D.I. level of 43).
Sep 24th #176SulandPriest elemental protections spells have been removed. Protection light/holy/mental/negative have been added to priest. They are self-cast and only one-at-a-time.
Sep 24th #175DorminIn next copyover, you will no longer be able to order your pets to attack another player on a non-pk day.
Sep 23rd #174DorminFixed a typo with leader channel.
Sep 23rd #173DorminPets purchased from a pet shop will be accepting orders in next copyover.
Sep 22nd #172SulandThere will soon be mobs that are not disarmable. You will get a new message on your screen when you try to disarm them. Some current mobs will also be given this talent in the near future.
Sep 22nd #171DorminRevision and Version commands added. It displays the same information time command does. (this is just to give you a heads up. :p)
Sep 22nd #170DorminSpeechlog should be fixed, I promise.
Sep 22nd #169DorminTypo command added. Please use typo command for any typo you find (room, obj, mob, social, etc).
Sep 18th #168DorminLocate object should no longer show an offline player's items
Sep 18th #167DorminFixed a problem where mob's keywords is displayed instead of its actual name while you are blind or weapon blind.
Sep 18th #166DorminFixed "A is closed" typo when you try to get something out of a closed container.
Sep 17th #165DorminSpeechlog time message was received now display in hour, minute, second format.
Sep 17th #164DorminNote editor's format option should work as intended now.
Sep 17th #163DorminFixed gate bug with charmies not getting killed off when you gate out.
Sep 13th #162DorminNote's format option no longer add spaces after . or ? or ! if there is a letter right after.
Sep 13th #161DorminExp/Aqp factors now has an option to auto expire after certain # minutes have lapsed.
Sep 13th #160DorminWhois command now works on offline players. (You have to provide the full name of a character to view the info, though.)
Sep 13th #159DorminSteal command no longer work on shopkeepers.
Sep 12th #158DorminFixed AoC/group bug with zombies.
Sep 7th #157FleetThe difficulty of mobs level 180+ has been adjusted. These changes may be adjusted again in the future.
Sep 5th #156SulandYou will no longer see immunities, resists, or vulnerabilities when considering other players.
Sep 5th #155SulandYou can now assassinate a target that is in combat.
Sep 5th #154SulandClerics can no longer have two charmed mobiles. (This does not include those with mind control.)
Sep 5th #153SulandLarge races can no longer single-handedly wield a 2-handed weapon. Also, bugs regarding secondary weapons with bows or 2-handed weapons have been fixed.
Sep 5th #152SulandThe quest list will display differently for lower level players.
Sep 5th #151SulandThe way experience has been handled for max-level adepts has been fixed.
Sep 5th #150SulandTypo in thorny barbs (grammatical) has been fixed.
Sep 5th #149SulandGroup questing has been added. "quest groupquest" Reward amounts and general group questing structure may change once more people have tried it out and feeback has been given to Suland.
Aug 30th #148KulazarNew command! -> speechlog <# of lines to display, 10 is the default> This command will let you view a history of some of your communication.
Aug 30th #147DorminMore Aura of Courage fixes/tweaks
Aug 30th #146DorminPoison and firebreath bug fixed.
Aug 27th #145SulandScrolls are no longer able to be cast while in combat or while sitting down/resting.
Aug 24th #144DorminFixed archery fire bug introduced in last code update this week.
Aug 24th #143DorminAdded "adept" / "adepts" keywords to the note to field, using these keywords in a note will address to all adepts.
Aug 24th #142DorminFixed alliance memberlist bug where non-leaders are showing up as leader. (this time we promise!)
Aug 24th #141KulazarMobs should lag for 2 rounds after using breathes now.
Aug 24th #140DorminFixed group bug with charmies and summons owned by a non-leader not being associated with rest of the group.
Aug 20th #139DorminAura of Courage now only affect group members in the same room as the caster.
Aug 20th #138KulazarAfter the next reboot, poison should no longer put someone into a fight if they were not fighting already.
Aug 19th #137KulazarGlamhoth summon for Striders has been changed to something more RP appropriate. It now summons a scout, and after the next reboot, it will no longer be called glamhoth summon. For now, you still need to cast it as glamhoth.
Jul 31st #136DorminArrows should now hit correct vulns/resists/immunes.
Jul 29th #135SulandAdepts will no longer get quest targets that are level 160.
Jul 20th #134DorminSignposts are now in place in several places around Middle-Earth
Jul 17th #133SulandAdeptbonus helpfile added for adepts.
Jul 17th #132SulandAdept Patch Equipment Slot has been added.
Jul 13th #131SulandRefresh spell is now a lot more effective and costs less to use.
Jul 13th #130SulandThe mapsize has been adjusted for every sector. Adepts, level 2+, have received a mapsize bonus as well.
Jul 13th #129SulandPlayer corpses will now be displayed on the map.
Jul 13th #128SulandA coordinate system has been added to the map.
Jul 13th #127SulandSignpost code is in. Expect signposts ({ySP{x) to appear on the map shortly.
Jul 10th #126SulandEnvenom has become more RP restricted. (You can no longer envenom a 'flame' damnoun, or 'acidic bite' damnoun. Only damnouns that are piercing or slashing, or some variation of the two.)
Jul 10th #125SulandPlague duration has been lowered.
Jul 10th #124SulandMore NRP commands now work. The NRP area is now fully functional.
Jul 7th #123SulandThe new roads system is in.
Jun 29th #122TexAutoquests have been changed to pay more money at lower levels and less at higher levels. The POINTS rewarded for autoquests did not change significantly, only the money.
Jun 29th #121TexAutoquests should now be available to characters of any level.
Jun 11th #120SulandNew affects system is in. This includes poison system change (assassin-biased) and a few changes to mage spells' duration and blind durations.
Jun 11th #119SulandNRP area is in. Help NRP for more info.
Mar 28th #118TexThe PK arena should now be able to handle mobs killing and dieing there.
Mar 28th #117TexVorpal should work better now. Keep me posted.
Mar 11th #116SulandExotic weapons will no longer get critical strikes.
Mar 11th #115SulandThe damage modifier will no longer affect backstab or assassinate, therefore you can now use them both without any restrictions during "increased damage" times.
Mar 11th #114SulandItems being stolen now have an alliance check.
Mar 9th #113TexThe position of the notice has been adjusted.
Mar 9th #112TexThe aqdonateinfo command has been added so you can see how much you have donated to your alliance.
Mar 9th #111TexCharacters will now lag briefly after they turn off their safe flags.
Mar 9th #110TexThe sharp and vorpal flags have been tweaked. Sharp should be better than it was, vorpal should be about the same.
Feb 23rd #109TexAll alliance members can now use the balance command to see how many points their alliance has.
Feb 6th #108TexThe damage cap for circle has been increased. Please let me know how this affects class balance, and whether or not thieves still hit the cap on every circle.
Feb 6th #107TexEmbalm should now work.
Feb 5th #106ManganMob's base saves have been altered.
Feb 2nd #105Mangan'Shield Slam' was added to the Knight slist. (Lvl 95)
Jan 22nd #104TexThe elemental and weapon protection spells should now work correctly if you log off and back on with them.
Jan 22nd #103TexThe message when a forcewall absorbs damage should now be more informative.
Jan 22nd #102ManganAutopeek will no longer work in battle.
Jan 22nd #101ManganThe lastest temporary AC changes will become permanent.
Jan 22nd #100ManganFixed the same bug assassinate had, but for backstab.
Jan 17th #99ManganMobiles now have saves. (This is a test amount, and the amount of saves they have may change in the future.)
Jan 17th #98ManganFixed a bug with assassinate that allowed assassination attempts while the assassin was already in battle with a target.
Jan 17th #97ManganOn the who list, Adepts will be displayed separately.
Jan 12th #96TexChanged the minimum amount of exp that is lost when you die. This is mainly to help out lower level players.
Jan 9th #95ManganAdded a few minor adept perks.
Jan 9th #94ManganFixed a bug that allows players to have their skills trained higher than the intended maximum.
Jan 9th #93ManganAll arrows shot in the arena will return to the inventory of the archer that shot them.
Jan 9th #92ManganAn archery bug was fixed. There won't be anymore stunned archery. A typo in precision shot was also fixed.
Jan 7th #91ManganThe saves system has been modified. (Phase 1)
Dec 10th #90ManganArchers beware, if you shoot someone that is not your initial target, it will have additional skill-lag.
Dec 10th #89ManganPugil got a major upgrade. Enhanced pugil was added to the knight slist. Pugil can now be used with spears and staffs, as well as the original polearm.
Dec 10th #88TexI added the adult channel. see note 2967 for more information.
Dec 10th #87TexThe home command should not get messed up anymore. If it is already messed up for you, let me know.
Dec 5th #86TexThe animate spell has been changed. The mobs that it creates will no longer be charmed, and they will have a keyword based on the person that created them in the format part_player. Example: head_shazaam.
Dec 5th #85TexCharmies should now disappear when their master quits, even if they are not in the same room as him
Dec 5th #84TexHitroll now affects your accuracy with arrows, as does arrow weight. Heavier arrows are harder to shoot (less accurate).
Dec 5th #83TexDrawing an arrow will always add a round of lag now, whether it is done manually or automatically. This lag can be eliminated with the quickdraw skill.
Dec 5th #82TexThe way exp works for groups has been changed. The larger the group, the less exp each member will receive. Smaller groups should still do ok, the decrease for them is not nearly as much as for larger groups.
Dec 2nd #81Mangan* Fixed a huge bug in crit.strike. It will now give the intended damage bonuses.
Dec 1st #80ManganYou will no longer split your platinum collection when you loot a player corpse with autosplit on.
Dec 1st #79TexThe bug that let you cast non-combat spells after failing a bash has been corrected
Dec 1st #78TexThe bug with mirror reflecting the damage from breaths but not the affects (smoke, chill, etc) has been corrected
Dec 1st #77TexThe time for autoquests has been increased.
Dec 1st #76TexYou can no longer auction cursed (no drop) items.
Dec 1st #74ManganTypos fixed in recall and safe commands, as well as the alignment channel.
Dec 1st #73ManganAdepts will now see the proper level on the worth screen.
Dec 1st #72ManganCritical strike will now work for circles.
Dec 1st #71ManganClerics dispel and blind bonuses has been cut down to match the charm bonus.
Dec 1st #70ManganCorpses are no longer lootable just because a player logs off.
Nov 16th #69TexYou will no longer be able to disarm mobs that are wielding a vis_death weapon.
Nov 16th #68TexWar horses should now remain in your group when you gate. There will still have problems if you log off with them however.
Nov 16th #67TexScrolls of summon/gate/nexus should now work correctly.
Oct 16th #66TexI fixed a lot of the problems with mirror of morgoth. If there are any remaining problems, please renote them to me.
Oct 6th #65TasThe Help command should now do prefixes (i.e. help cre will find the helpfile for credits)
Oct 6th #64TexAlchemy should no longer work on quest pieces and nodrop items.
Sep 25th #63TasChanged the way socket writing works, it will no longer lag the mud and wait on someone who has a poor connection when their buffer is full; it will now skip them over and continue running and try again in the next frame. If you have a poor connection or are receiving a lot of data you may notice this, but for everyone else there will be no more lag spikes :P
Sep 4th #62ManganAlliance Items/Shopkeepers are now only usable by people of the same alliance. You will also get bonuses to some stats and defense while in your own hall. You can no longer steal from players. You will not be able to loot someone's corpse or assist in a corpse retrieval unless they have noloot disabled. This does not give you the right to loot corpses. Also a few bug fixes.
Sep 2nd #61TexYour hp and mana should now be maxed when you begin an arena match, and return to normal after the match ends.
Sep 2nd #60TexMounts should now retain their mounted/unmounted status when you log off and on.
Aug 17th #59ManganThere is now a good/evil channel for alliances. Sorry Guard/Loners/Mercs. Also, there is now an adept channel and a leader channel.
Aug 17th #58TexArea effect spells, other spells, and some attack commands should no longer affect players on pk days. This is not intended to be a fool-proof way of stopping pk on non-pk days, it is only to aid you in keeping the rules. So you should still be careful not to attack players on non-pk days.
Aug 17th #57TexThe ability to filter the who list by align (who good, who evil) has been removed.
Aug 17th #56TexAn alchemy spell has been added to the mage class. It turns items into cash.
Aug 14th #55ManganLevel checks were taken out of counter and phase. Phase is now based on dex.
Aug 14th #54ManganSummons/Charmies/Pets will now count towards quest completion of kill quests.
Aug 13th #53ManganSafe Flag now appears when you die. (Disables your PK ability.) Safe command added to check other's safe-flag time "safe ". Use "safe off" to manually turn off your safe flag early.
Aug 11th #52ManganArrows now go through players/charms/summons/pets. Rangers have the search skill now.
Aug 10th #51TexBetting on arena matches is allowed again. Don't abuse it, lest we disable it again
Aug 10th #50ManganForge prices at shops are now more uniform and display the correct prices.
Aug 10th #49ManganCompleted quests will now have different wait times, depending on the type of quest complete.
Aug 6th #48TasAdded a poll system.
Aug 4th #47TexEmpower should now work better in low-mana conditions. -Tex
Aug 4th #46TexWhen you replay your tells, your reply should now be reset -Tex
Jul 27th #45Tas'Note Write' will no longer reset your note in progress. You now have to 'note clear' or /c while in the editor to clear out the body of your note.
Jul 25th #44ManganQuests that include an item on the ground will show the room name that the item is in.
Jul 25th #43ManganArchery will now show the correct damage amounts when they hit a target.
Jul 25th #41ManganFixed all bugs and loopholes with levitating shields and wearing two handed weapons or secondary wields. Also fixed a loophole that allowed clerics under level 50 to levitate a shield.
Jul 20th #40ManganFixed a bug that forced large-sized players to remove their 2 handed primary weapon before they could change their single-handed secondary weapon.
Jul 20th #39ManganFixed a bug where bows could be wielded in one's off-hand.
Jul 19th #38TexSome of you have the wrong exp requirements for your mage class. This will start to get corrected within the next few days. You will be notified of the correction when you log in if it applies to you
Jul 18th #37ManganKnight Protections don't last quite as long anymore.
Jul 18th #36ManganClerics frenzy is better than 5th cleric's frenzy now, instead of being the opposite as it has been.
Jul 18th #35ManganYou will no longer be able to starve/dehydrate while in the corner.
Jul 18th #34ManganThe AC required for damage reduction has been changed (in the players' favor).
Jul 9th #33TasAdded a confirmation prompt to {Wnote post{x
Jul 8th #32TasHelpfiles are now searchable with 'help search '
Jul 8th #31TasMax charmies allowed has been tweaked.
Jul 8th #30TasAdded the priest skill 'Mind Control' to replace the arbitrary +1 charmie at priest level 20.
Jul 8th #29Tas'NOTE FORMAT' is back, please use it!
Jul 7th #28TasAlso, despite the 'back to normal' part of change 25, the boards are here to stay forever :P
Jul 7th #27TasHelpfile for chaos mode added, see also note 1272 for when this will first be used.
Jul 7th #26TasChaos game mode added.
Jul 7th #25TasNote writing has been changed mostly back to normal. You use 'note to' and 'note subject' again to set your note, and 'note write' to begin writing it. There is now a 'note edit', and 'note +' and 'note -' are back in action. The step by step, prompted note writing will return at a later date.
Jul 5th #24TexThe spells in the mage slist that do damage have been adjusted so that higher level spells do more damage than lower, higher level casters do more damage than lower, and the damage depends on the casters int and wis, with int being dominant.
Jul 2nd #23TasYou can no longer see search results for notes you can't read :P
Jul 2nd #22TasOrdering specific mobs now has the same delay as the 'order all' command.
Jul 2nd #21TasUsing the Edit option before posting a note will now allow you to edit the note body itself.
Jul 1st #20TasYou should no longer be able to cause someone full xp loss with a charmed mob.
Jul 1st #17Tasadded 'note catchup' to mark your current board read, and 'board catchup' to mark all notes in all boards read.
Jul 1st #15TasAdded in boards to replace notes. These boards are fully searchable with the board search or note search command (both do the same thing). Old notes have been transferred over. Nesting will be put in soon so you can do note reply 15 to make a reply to certain notes, etc. See help board :P
Jun 27th #14Tas30% xp bonus from grouping has been completely removed, but there is no penalty to grouping.
Jun 27th #13TasEveryone can have one controlled mob by default. That's one charmie or one summon. Second clerics get an extra charmie, first clerics get two extra charmies, and priests over level 20 get yet another charmie on top of all the others.
Jun 27th #12TasQuaffing potions and eating pills incurs a delay relative to the longest spell that is bound to them.
Jun 27th #11TasObjects that cast heal will now restore 3% of your health per spell on the object.
Jun 27th #10TasThe typo command has been removed, and the bug command has been revamped. Please use the bug command to report typos as well as bugs.
Jun 27th #9TasA [{R*{x] is prefixed to your prompt if you have a wait_state. This should help you time skills and attacks in combat more precisely.
Jun 27th #8TasThe heat metal spell no longer causes equipment to drop to the ground. Instead it is removed into your inventory.
Jun 27th #7TasSkills are now more expensive for the intial practice, however the initial practice will now train it up to maximum.
Jun 27th #6TasMana potions are significantly cheaper, and Greater mana potions should now be worth buying.
Jun 27th #5TasHaggle will now work when buying multiples of items.
Jun 27th #4TasBuying and selling from shopkeepers has been significantly changed. All levels now suffer from the 3x price multiplier when buying, however prices will be adjusted over time to make it not so harsh on newbies. All levels no longer suffer from the 5x price divisor when selling to shopkeepers.
Jun 27th #3TasWhen a player is disarmed, their weapon will disarm into their inventory rather than onto the ground. NPCs are unchanged.
Jun 27th #2TasQuest equipment stays on your character when you die, and does not remain in your corpse.
Jun 27th #1TasFloating equipment no longer drops to the ground when you die.