Classes & Remorts

Primary Classes

The warrior is the traditional tank, able to stand in front of the group and take the brunt of the damage. When another member of the party is in trouble, the warrior can rescue them and prevent certain death. Throughout their career, warriors gain expertise in weapons of all types, allowing them to deal severe blows in combat.

Sure of foot, the ranger is harder to hit than any other class. The ranger's great agility also allows one to land more blows in combat. Additionally, they are able to entangle cowardly foes who would sooner flee; this is but one of a ranger's many talents - such versatility is a woodsman's trademark.

The thief specializes in covert strikes with daggers and knives, which require immense dexterity and cause catastrophic damage to an adversary. Imperiled is the enemy that finds a thief at his back, both in combat and out. While it's true that the damage done by a thief is formidable, their lack of defensive abilities make them rather vulnerable.

The ultimate ranged damage dealer, the mage is light on armor but heavy on death-dealing incantations. The mage is a master of mass damage, and can engulf entire rooms in elemental carnage.

The cleric will heal damage received by all other members of the party. Clerics will not have the fighting ability of a rogue or warrior, but will certainly not be as easy to kill as a mage. A cleric is essential to any party whose goals are far-reaching and dangerous.

Remort Classes

The knight is the ultimate purveyor of protection, and a master of combat. Through decades of training, knights have learned to rain more blows upon their enemies. They have also learned to better avoid and counter the attacks of their enemies. Like the warrior, a knight is an excellent force to have at the forefront of a fight.

The strider is the master of the bow and arrow. Powerful archery attacks and snare abilities are just a couple of the powers found in the strider's arsenal. In addition to fighting from afar, the strider can be especially effective with dual weaponry and spears. Like the ranger, striders are some of the most versatile combatants in the field.

The assassin is the deadliest single burst damage dealer in the land. By catching an opponent unaware, assassins are able to deliver a massive amount of carnage. The more successful party will have an assassin leading the assault with such an attack. Assassins are also the most adequate with poisons and can master the use of daggers better than any other class. They are masters of anatomy, able to find vulnerable areas upon which to strike. Like the thief, assassins excel in the art of covert combat.

The wizard is the master of elements and summonings. They are able to call forth the help of the most effective golems and elementals. A wizard can greatly augment their ability to smite a foe with fire and ice, as well as electricity and acid. By channeling their powers through a mighty staff, the wizard is a fearful adversary in combat. Like the mage, a wizard is most effective from the back ranks of a party, with a tank always ready to rescue them.

Priests are the most effective healers in the field. With divine abilities that allow them to restore an ally to full heath, the priest is an invaluable addition to any succesful group. In addition to healing, a priest is also able to bestow powerful buffs to their comrades and convert others to join their cause. Like the cleric, priests are not known for their damage dealing abilities, but for their superior defensive abilities.