Connecting to Mordor

How do I connect to Mordor?

Character Creation - What class and race should I be?

Starting Out (What should I do first?)


Starter Equipment



Train Initial Stats

My race's stats are really low. How do I train them up?

How high can I train my stats?

Which stats should I train?

Train Initial Stats

How do I level?

What is a class level?

What is an overall level?

What is the difference between Overall Level and Class Levels?

What is a remort class?

When can a remort class be chosen?

To autolevel or not to autolevel?

What level of creatures should I try to hunt?

Practicing Spells and Skills


What spells and skills can I practice?

How much does it cost to practice a spell/skill?

How high can I practice my spells and skills through use?

Overworld Map


Low-Level Questing

What is the purpose?

How good are the items?

Can I ask for help?



What is the group range?

Why should I group?

What is the grouping penalty?

How do I form a group?


What happens when you die?

Where is my corpse? (pre-50 and post-50)


When can I start fighting in the arena?

What happens in the arena?

Alliances and PK (Player Killing, PVP)

General Info on Alliance and PK

How do I sign up?

Guardians of Mordor

Independent Clans

Names of the Helpfiles

Other Useful Beginner Info


Channels and Conversation

Checking Notes

Tanner in the Trading Village

Enchantress in the Trading Village

Escort service in the Trading Village

Knowing What to Equip

Where can I get gold? I'm always broke!

How to practice spells and skills for free, early on