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Some skill ideas

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 Post subject: Some skill ideas
PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:04 am 

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I thought I'd suggest these to a wider audience.

This skill could be called Beast Within, and it could be either passive or active. The passive version would just be random during fights, as in it would convert all melee hits in a round for the Druid/Sage into unstoppable piercing and slashing hits (no chance to dodge/parry/phase, as the target would be overwhelmed for that round). The active version would be similar, it'd just take calculation on the part of the Druid/Sage and would have sizable lag. The active version could also give bonuses against the target for the entire group for that round, as the target would be extremely vulnerable (I understand the PK implications). Further skills associated with this could be applied to Druid or Sage, but Druid seems to need the most out of any build.

Note: I do not want to hear complaints about Sage being overpowered. If Sage is too good, there should be more than one of them.

Even more sapping skills:
Blood Sieve would be a passive expansion to the Gaping Wounds spell. It would deal additional negative/mental/holy damage to the target (dependant on skill %, not target hp %), and would return half of that damage as hp for the caster. A similar skill, Mind Sieve, could do the same thing for Warlock as an expansion to the Mindwhisper or Mind Drain spell, but for mana.

Rogue skill:
Gamble could be a Rogue skill that would have any active thief or ranger skill as an argument and increase the effectiveness or double the duration of said skill, with a flat success rate of 50%. If the gamble fails, the skill fails, and it causes 3 seconds of additional lag on top of the skill. For example, circle would do 25-50% more damage, and lash would last twice as long. I suppose this could also be used for passive skills like dodge, parry, or master's eye.

While sleeping, a Druid or Sage could project himself around the MUD as an invisible entity, unable to do anything but observe and move around, unrestricted by doors, mobs, or map obstacles.

Killing Machine:
Well of Blood could be a Warlock spell that would deplete all mana (requiring at least 30000 mana to cast) and make the caster immune to any kind of healing (sleep/rest/spells) for the duration. It could have a time limit or a deactivation command. It would greatly increase the ability to break saves and substantially increase Mage and Wizard spell damage, but all spells would cost double the hp that they would normally cost in mana. It would also add AC (perhaps 500-1000), making the caster extremely vulnerable to melee. It should also have a cooldown of at least an hour. I originally thought of this idea for Sorcerer, but reconsidered based on Sorcerer's obvious prowess and the fact that this is a darker kind of magic, fitting the Warlock RP.

Divine Sight:
This could be a passive Druid skill that causes all arrows to land (based on skill %) if the Druid is not blind or waiting for a DI cooldown.

Hand of Orome:
This could be a passive Druid skill that improves prowess with spears to true mastery, beyond that which the Strider skills grant. It could possibly increase damage, penetration likelihood, parry chance beyond that of a sword, add hits per round, or some/all of these.

Note: Orome is the Huntsman of the Valar

I do not want to overpower any particular class, and some of these skills may seem to do that. I simply want to add something attractive to the less chosen orders - those that are harder to play and get less from their basic and remort orders. In short, there are far too many Blademasters, Barbarians, and Sorcerers because they're easy to play and seem to scarcely even need their adept skills.

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