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Role-Playing Rules

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 Post subject: Role-Playing Rules
PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:45 am 
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These are the rules for posting on the RP board. You must follow them if you wish to post here. Remember, these are in place to keep the RP interesting for everyone involved. If you see anyone breaking these rules, please inform the Moderators ASAP so that we may remedy the situation quickly, in order to keep the thread linear and on point.


1) You must use proper spelling and grammar, especially during narrative (non-dialogue). Dialogue has lower restrictions, to allow pronunciation and emotion. (Swearing is allowed, as long as it is something that would seem acceptable in Tolkien's theme.)

2) Only the very first post of a thread may contain OOC. If used, it should be clearly marked and be its own post. The first post (whether OOC or IC) should clearly state the setting of the RP.

3) You may not control another player's actions, emotions, etc. without their express permission.

4) You are not all powerful. You cannot just "be" better than other posters in combat, etc. You must stay realistic to what your character can do in a Tolkien setting (specifically Mordor). (A BladeMaster/Barbarian can assume that they are better with a sword than a Sorcerer, but remember that you are all multi-class in some fashion, should you choose to RP that way.) Also, check the original post to be sure that certain things are not prohibited (such as portals, gating, etc.).

5) You can RP being better than commoners/soldiers etc. In Mordor, you have killed thousands of orcs, snuck past elven guards, and perhaps even fought dragons and the like. Your characters ARE the HEROES of the mud; however, that does not mean you can assume you are more powerful than another player. With that in mind, do not RP as if you have defeated LotR characters such as the Balrog, Gandalf, etc. just because you have killed them in the game. Remember, sometimes role-playing a weakness can be more interesting than a strength.

6) Distasteful posts, or posts reported as being 'off topic' will be deleted.

7) To ensure a good flow for the RP threads, do not edit a post once others have posted below. Also, all threads that are inactive for more than a couple of weeks may be closed/locked.

8) Try to stay up-to-date with threads that your character is a central part of. If you are unable to stay active, try to let others know that (through RP). Say you have to go off on a journey, or simply go to your room to take a nap, or anything else you can think of.

9) Have fun! Try to enjoy everyone else's posts just as much as your own. Remember, the quality of the role-playing is really dependent on all the participants as a whole.

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