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"World Event" Raid system

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 Post subject: "World Event" Raid system
PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:13 pm 
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Started on the Mud:

I thought a "World Event" system would be cool and kind of go hand in
hand with the achievement system planned.

An example would be like a rogue dragon has come to destroy Belfalas
Landing, help save the city!

You'd have a boss/raid type mob that would get harder depending on how
many people showed up or the levels of the people present. I'm not sure
how hard something like this would be to code but you could get an
achievement for each raid type event. Loot/drops could be bound to people
who are there so that someone couldn't take all the loot or it could just
be put into the inventory of those who are there money/blood
diamonds/aqp/exp whatever is appropriate.

Anyway, it'd be something new to do and you can make harder ones in high
level areas for adepts or 140+ players that give raid loot/power items or
special items that have a limited time use that can't be found in the game
yet. I can't think of anything offhand right now that would be sufficient
but maybe someone else can :P


Reply from Ender:

I think the idea holds a lot of merit. In the past, this have been done
on rare occassion as non-iqp rewarded immquests. For example, before
Cirith Ungol came in, Morgoth bumped 'the Sun' from the Gum Tree area up to
a level 140 and had it raid Minas Morgul (which is now the Trading
Village). T'was quite a fun experience.

That said, it's not clear how a system like this would work dynamically
- that is to ask, what is an appropriate way to deal with mob difficulty?

I'd like to request that this discussion (the initial idea and any
complimentary responses) be moved to the forums under a new thread, so that
it is easier to read, follow, and address.

 Post subject: Re: "World Event" Raid system
PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:01 pm 
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You could have a command "Join event" or something that would automatically scale the person to the level range for that event - now this would only work one way, so level 150's could scale down to the lower level events.

So you have an event that's level 90-110, or something, then anyone 125+ could do it they would just have to type "join event" and it would scale them to the 90-110 range and they'd be able to participate in the event without ruining it for everyone else. If they decided not to scale, then they wouldn't receive any reward for doing the event. Scaling down would reduce their damage/armor etc. although they'd most likely still be better off than a real level 90 player due to their stats/higher level armor to begin with, dr/hr/saves etc.

It doesn't have to be "join event" you could make that for anyone who wanted to join it so that it would flag them for that event so they could receive rewards for it, you could make the command "mentor" or something.

"Join Event" - This flag could also automatically scale higher level players to the level of the event so that they can't do it for low level players and abuse the rewards for the lower levels by making it super easy for them to be done.

In an mmo that I've played, they have a system where you automatically scale to the level range of the area you're in all the time. I'm not sure if that would be something worth looking into or not but it wouldn't matter for areas that don't have a level range like the villages etc.

 Post subject: Re: "World Event" Raid system
PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:51 pm 
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Minor comments:

If this tied into the achievement system, it'd probably be of the form "Completed a World Event" and then "Completed X World Events" (where X is just some number). Could further break it down to event styles perhaps (like a Dragon world event... 'cause who doesn't want to group up and slay a dragon?). The achievement system is meant to include achievements that any character can complete though, so if there's a class specific one (none planned but just an example) then there will be equivalent ones for all classes such that any 1 character can get that achievement. Another way of putting it, completing every achievement should be possible on any char.

As for scaling players by level, I can't think of how this would really work cleanly due to the multiclass/overall-level system we have. It's a lot easier in a single-class game where we could say "no skills above level x, reset hp/mana/etc based on level x, and tone down the equipment as if it was all level x". I think an alternate method would be to scale the raid-mob difficulty. So a raid mob might act like a level 190 to adepts, but only seem like a 170 to a level 130 player, in terms of how much hp the mob has and how much damage they deal. It still remains a bit tricky to deal with combat tactics, as we throw a lot more curve balls at adepts than we do a level 50 (just to show off extremes), and the lower levels may not even have the skills/spells to deal with the mob's tactics. Just food for thought.

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